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We've recently launched an opportunity to invest in OARA through the crowdfunding platform MainVest. The site provides a great way to democratize investing giving friends, family, and fans an opportunity to share in our success!

Head over to the OARA MainVest Campaign and partner with us on this historic journey! The campaign will run for a limited time, so check out the OARA MainVest Campaign today! 

MainVest is a secure and easy to use platform that provides a revenue share model for investors at a minimum of $100. Early investors in OARA are rewarded with a 2x cap while later investors receive a 1.6x cap. Simply put, this means at 2x cap if you invest $100 you get back $200; at 1.6x cap you get back $160. The faster our revenues grow, the faster you get paid back. PLEASE NOTE: MainVest is not a forum for soliciting donations; it is an investment.

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