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Why Certified Sungrown?

Updated: May 30, 2020

Because, climate change and you're health and safety.

Simply put, the energy consumption required to grow cannabis indoors is not sustainable. Further, sungrown cannabis is not just better for the planet, it is healthier and safer for the consumer.

OARA sources only Sun+Earth and/or DEM Pure certified cannabis.

Regenerative and organically grown cannabis is better for the environment, produces more nutrient dense cannabis, and has a better safety profile than conventionally grown cannabis.

Simplified, regenerative and organically grown cannabis works with nature instead of against it. In general, these cultivation methods:

- build healthy soil with biodiverse soil microbes;

- reduce the use of water;

- reduce the use of harmful chemicals;

- and improve the overall flora and fauna on and around farms.

In the grand scheme, regenerative and organically grown cannabis can help to sequester carbon, protect food systems, and potentially help to reverse climate change.

Additionally, organically and regeneratively produced products help to increase consumer nutrition and safety.

We know that cannabis is nutritionally dense. When eaten (as opposed to inhaled) it is a good source of dietary fiber, essential minerals, and flavonoids. In fact, cannabis has its own unique flavonoids, cannaflavins that show immense anti-inflammatory benefits.

This information paired with growing evidence that farming practices affect the nutritional content of food -- provides a compelling hypothesis that regenerative and organically grown cannabis may have a better nutritional profile when compared to indoor or conventionally grown cannabis -- even if specific data is not yet available.

What the data show for fruits and vegetables is that organic has many times more antioxidant compounds compared to conventional. In the case of cannabis the flavonoid content is interesting-- because among other things they act as antioxidants that protect against inflammation (the root of many diseases) and cell mutations that can lead to things like cancer.

In terms of safety, regenerative and organically grown cannabis has far lower or undetectable levels of pesticides and heavy metals. Though California cannabis testing regulations are robust they do not yet follow national organic program standards (California regulations do not require an equivalent to organic program for cannabis to be developed until late 2021 -- which due to CV-19 is likely to be delayed). Consequently, consumers have less assurance that the cannabis they are ingesting clean cannabis.

Why not just sungrown? Why certified?

Because we believe consumers have the right to know what is in the product they are consuming. We believe in transparency and standards, not promises.

Current California cannabis regulations prohibit the use of the word "organic" on labels even when manufacturers are using 3rd party USDA organic certified ingredients (which OARA does). Consumers that buy products made with Sun+Earth and/or DEM Pure certified cannabis can be assured they are getting the closest thing to organic cannabis on the market.

For OARA that means being proponents of using certified regenerative or organic cannabis made into full spectrum cannabis oil that maintains the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids of the original plant.


Visit the Regenerative Cannabis Farming website to learn about regenerative practices and farms throughout California and Oregon.

For a more information on the importance of sungrown cannabis we defer to some of our favorite cultivation experts at Moon Made Farms.

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