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Where ya been?

After a long hiatus, we're excited to announce that OARA will be back on the market in Spring of 2020!

Wait, why is OARA so special?

OARA is like no other cannabis edible because it supports your mind and gut. The gut microbiome is made up of trillions of bacteria, fungi, and other microbes. Together the gut microbiome and the Endocannabinoid System play an important role in digestion, mood, and the immune system. The organic world-class couverture dark chocolate used in OARA is prebiotic - meaning it supports both the probiotics added to OARA and those already in your gut. Finally, the organic sun-grown cannabis in OARA offers a reprieve from daily mental stress. MIND GUT HEALTH!

So, what have we been doing all this time? California cannabis regulations dramatically changed the business operating environment, to say the least. In the past many months, through hard work and a touch of kismet -- we found an amazing location in San Rafael, built a kitchen, won a competitive bid for a local license, and received our California State Cannabis license! Phew!

Did you know?

OARA started as a concept in the co-founders kitchen back in 2015! As an avid home food fermenter, Charlotte Burger Troy became fascinated with the health benefits of probiotics and the microbiome. And, she regularly consumed cannabis from her family’s farm in Humboldt County. She knew that consuming probiotics and cannabis improved her quality of life and there she found unique motivation to develop a probiotic cannabis product. After months of research and development -- she found that chocolate was the perfect medium for cannabis and probiotics. Working with a university food lab she tested the survivability of probiotics through the chocolate making process and tested cannabis dosage accuracy with a cannabis lab (three years before it was required by law). In late 2015, OARA the first low-dose fully organic probiotic cannabis chocolate was introduced to the California market. So where can I find OARA? We will be at your favorite cannabis health and wellness retailer in the Spring.

Stay tuned!

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